72 – Take A Knee? Really?

Marines Raise Flag Over Iwo Jima Archival Footage PublicDomainFootage.com

Consider the Marines on Iwo Jima as they “raised a flag” in honor of their defeat of the Japanese armed forces. The Japanese attack on American forces in Hawaii took place on the morning of December 7, 1941. The American forces took the island of Iwo Jima on February 9, 1945. Consider the importance of paying honor to the flag of the United States Of America.



It is “football Sunday” in much of the USA. Very soon, as players and fans enter into football stadiums, to see a game that will determine which of the two opposing teams will be declared to be “the best team” on this day. Unfortunately, there will be multi-millionaire football players who will decide to not stand for the national anthem but, instead, will choose to “take a knee.” During the past week, there have been videos of “eight year old boys,” who have also decided to “take a knee” at the beginning of their game. The playing of the national anthem has been done for many years in honor of the armed forces of the United States of America.

The Attack On Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941

The axis powers of the world, being led by Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), and Hirohito (Japan), had their declared intent of taking over the whole world. Hitler was already overrunning much of Europe. Great Britain was the last significant military force that Hitler was trying to overthrow. France had it’s “resistance,” but had no military force to oppose Germany. After the Japanese attack on American forces in Hawaii, on Dec 7, they attacked American forces in the Republic of the Philippines on the next day, Dec 8, 1941. Japanese forces began their plan of overthrowing all nations and forces in the south Pacific.

Marines Raise Flag Over Iwo Jima 1945 United News Newsreel; World War II

Consider the allied forces, of which the United Sates assumed leadership.

After the United States of America was drawn into the second world war, American military forces also began engaging axis forces in Europe and North Africa. Other nations of Allied support followed the lead of the United States to stop Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito as they brutalized the citizenry and military of the nations that were on their map of world domination. Without the entry of the United States into World War II, Hitler would have overthrown Russia and Asia, through its attack from the West, with Hirohito advancing from the East, and Mussolini attacking from the South. Could any nation have succeeded in defending itself from such a three-front attack? Consider the numbers of Russian civilians and soldiers that died at the hands of Hitler’s soldiers, minus the forces of Japan and Italy.

Soviet military dead and missing, 8.7 million


Consider the Blitzkrieg, of Britain by German aircraft.


The importance of the presence of U.S. forces in the battle against the axis powers can not be understated. Without the defeat of the forces of Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito, the freedom of America, and other free countries, would not have been saved.

Group of American and British prisoners are marched through streets under German …HD Stock Footage

(U.S. And British POWs being marched by German soldiers through a French city. Notice how the French citizens mistreat the POWs.)

Hitler had a strong hold in North Africa, and would have marched southward, until all of Africa would fly the flag of Nazi Germany. Germany, Italy and Japan would have continued their assault on Asia, until the flags of those nations would fly no more. The nations of the Pacific, to include the continent of Australia, would be easy prey for the assault of the axis forces, with the result of many more Nazi flags flying in the lands of Nazi-led conquest.

After the attack on Hawaii, there was great concern that the west coast of the United States would also come until Japanese attack. There was also a fear that sympathizers of Japan living in the United States would begin attacks on the mainland of the United States. Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt reacted to the fear of attack “from within” the USA, by the internment of citizens of the USA, who were of Japanese ancestry.


Concerns of the President were found to be valid when a German u boat was sunk off of the east of coast of the USA, and was found to have loaves of bread from a local bakery stored in the boat.

The military forces of the USA was at a weakened state of readiness when the Japanese attacked Hawaii. Without a national resolve to defend our country, and defeat the axis forces in other parts of the world, the USA would have been the starting point of axis entry into North, Central and South America, where the Nazi flag would have been planted. The success, liberty and tolerance that we have as great fortune in the United States of America, would have been replaced with the Nazi desires for our country, as well as for the rest of the world. There would be no NFL, NBA, MBL, or multi-millionaire contracts for athletes. Every other aspect of our lives would be totally different, whether it would be employment, hobby, relaxation, recreation, or religious.

So, how do we respond to the millionaire athletes that think that they should not show honor for the members of our military, by not standing in respect for the flag of the USA? The players can continue to “take a knee,” but I will not be watching their games. If enough people were to make the same decision, that I have taken, NFL ratings would take a nose dive. If fans would not go to NFL games, teams would be sent a direct message.

The assault on America exists also in the media which broadcasts “sports.” Consider ESPN.


ESPN has become a “paid political announcement” for things that are anti-God, anti-USA, and anti-family. It is hard to watch a college football game that is not shown through an ESPN affiliate. But, now, my tv set will not give a rating to any ESPN station, nor will it give a rating to ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, or to any network that broadcasts programs that oppose the values of God, family or country. My tv set used to be set for me to watch NFL games every Sunday, and on any other day that NFL games would be broadcast. My tv set also used to be set for me to watch ESPN-telecast college football games every Saturday, and on other days. But, that is history. I will not support ungodly entities that are trying to destroy our country with values that are not of God, family or country. I will no longer watch the SEC or ACC networks, because they have ESPN corporate involvement.



Consider the relationship that ESPN has with Disney and ABC. My money will not be spent at Disney Land or Disney World. I will not give money to buy “Mickey’s ears,” to a company that has men openly kissing other men, “during Disney’s “gay days!” Consider the shock that comes across the faces of parents who have that experience also being forced on their impressionable children.


As for my viewing of local tv stations, I will watch local news broadcasts, but I will not watch those stations once they switch to network viewing of ABC, NBC or CBS programs.

The Liberation of Dachau

Notice the American Soldiers liberating the German concentration camp at Dachau. The prisoners were Jews of the Holocaust.

Notice the numbers of American War deaths.

405,399 Americans of our armed forces lost their lives in World War II. They died in their support for our flag, and to keep it flying.


I am proud to be an American, and proudly salute our flag.

U.S. Air Force, Retired.


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