Muslim terror hit DC city hall 40 years ago this week

Beware of Democrats who are attacking our President’s plan to protect our nation from future Islamic terrorist attacks. The President is privy to a lot of intelligence information that judges and politicians are not aware. The 911 Islamic hijackers gained easy access to our nation during the last year of the Clinton administration. An internet search discloses the way that the Islamic hijackers gained easy entry into our nation.

Reclaim Our Republic

“We should remember it because it was one of the first acts of serious domestic terrorism”

Muslim terror hit Washington DC city hall 40 years ago this week

Mar 11, 2017 By Matthew Vadum

BombThrowers: Long before Osama bin Laden’s lieutenants flew a hijacked commercial airliner into the Pentagon on 9/11, Muslim terrorists carried out an attack in the heart of Washington, D.C.

This week in 1977 armed Islamic militants invaded three Washington, D.C. buildings and took almost 150 people hostage, radio station WTOP reminds us. During the three-day siege that took place on March 9, 10, and 11, a few weeks after Jimmy Carter was sworn in as the nation’s new president, Hanafi Muslims killed two men and nonfatally wounded another. (More information on Hanafi Islam is available here.)

WHUR reporter Maurice Williams and security guard Mack Cantrell were killed. A stray shotgun pellet wounded…

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