VIDEO If Emails are TRUE – FBI Doc: “Shadow Government” Protected Hillary During E-Mail Scandal

Consider what would happen if you or I were ordered to go to court with all of our emails, and what if we decided to determine what we “considered to be suitable in number of emails. And consider if we were to delete 33,000 emails, and if we had our subs to “beat up” our Blackberries? And what if we said that only the mission 33000 emails were to be “only grandchildren related emails.” How stupid (?) or dishonest can she be? Our next chant should be “Hillary For Jail!”

Reclaim Our Republic

Doesn’t Matter WHO Hacked Podesta, If Emails are TRUE

FBI Doc: “Shadow Government” Protected Hillary During E-Mail Scandal

FBI Document: "Shadow Government" Protected Clinton During E-Mail Scandal

Oct 27, 2016  by  C. Mitchell Shaw

Hillary Clinton has been under the protection of a “Shadow Government,” according to an FBI document which is part of the investigation into her use of a private e-mail server during the time she was secretary of state. The “Shadow Government” — the exact term used in the FBI document — included among its “known regular attendees” some well-known and powerful people.

The FBI document, which is heavily redacted in some places, is dated August 24, 2015, and was made public earlier this month. It includes information from an FBI “interview of [redacted]” on August 19, 2015 and addresses the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests which had been made in regard to Clinton’s e-mails. The document reveals some of the process about what was…

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