VIDEO Hillary’s secretive posse – FBI Reopens The Hillary Email Investigation

How could an “undecided voter” remain undecided? Hillary Clinton is a major liability for the safety and security of our country. For all ex-military and current day military; what would have happened to you if you had taken classified material to your home, unprotected, and let uncleared people see its content. That is serious stuff. You would have been court martialed. She is on the way to Revelation 20:15. That is not my desire for anyone, but it is a clear and true observation.

Reclaim Our Republic

Hillary’s secretive posse With such friends, who needs enemies?

– The Washington Times 


Hillary Clinton can’t bring change to Washington, D.C., and her closest advisers know it.

“She [Clinton] makes decisions based on polls, not principles and is beholden to the special interests in Washington,” a Democratic field-tested survey in the 2008 presidential race said. “If she is elected we will have the same kind of polarized politics that we have had for the past 15 years.”

The sentiment in the memo, which was released in a batch of John Podesta’s emails hacked by WikiLeaks, was the inspiration of one of Barack Obama’s most famous lines that primary season.

“She’ll say anything and change nothing. It’s time to turn the page,” Mr. Obama’s attack-ad said.

Mr. Podesta, who went on to become a counselor to Mr. Obama’s White…

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