MB Obama Wants Hungary To Rescue Communist Party Newspaper – “Sovietization” by EU

Consider the overreach of our government over the embassy of Ecuador when Secretary of State (another person of less than trustworthy character) ordered that foreign country to kill the internet that was leaking hacked emails.

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MB Obama Wants Hungary To Rescue Communist Party Newspaper

Obama Admin: Hungary Should Rescue Communist Party Newspaper

Oct 26, 2016 by Alex Newman

The Obama administration is facing criticism and ridicule after a bizarre outburst by the John Kerry-led State Department urging Hungarian authorities to prop up a defunct Communist Party propaganda organ.

In an official statement, the Obama administration, which recently attacked media diversity in the United States, echoed discredited conspiracy theories pushed by communists and called on anti-communist Hungarian officials to prop up the bankrupt newspaper — supposedly to preserve “media pluralism.” The ownership of the far-left paper, known as Nepszabadsag, wants to shut it down, citing growing financial losses and plunging circulation figures.

It was not immediately clear why the Obama administration had an interest in saving a radical left-wing propaganda organ reviled by many Hungarians who suffered under communism. The State Department bureaucrat, though, speaking for the administration, claimed it was about ensuring…

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