3 Critical Voting Issues: Check The Platforms

Yes! There is a lot of rigging going on!

Reclaim Our Republic



Oct 27, 2016 by  JERRY NEWCOMBE

When I consider this never-ending campaign, all I can think is: I need a bath.

The current election is like a soap opera. We’re becoming shell-shocked by allegations of womanizing and by charges of alleged voter fraud and intimidation – e.g., hiring homeless people to provoke fights at the opposition candidate’s rallies, etc. Somewhere, Richard Nixon must be smirking. After this election, maybe we will all need a bath.

This may well be the election when the idea that “character matters” was shattered in America. Yet character was so important that it is implied in the word “election.” How so?

The word election comes from the Bible and not politics. I once interviewed Dr. Donald Lutz, political science professor at the University of Houston. He wrote the book, “The Origins of American Constitutionalism.”

Dr. Lutz told me…

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