Vampyrism Of “WE”

Revelation 20:15

Reclaim Our Republic

Oct 22, 2016 By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

“In the planned society of WE, no one rises above the mass, except those men who run and operate and propagandize the mass…Official reality says surrender. Official reality says a paradise is waiting for us if we dispense with our uniqueness and individuality.”~Jon Rappoport.


Hi, kids, remember Obama’s, “Yes we can?” Worked out great, right?

Or, how about, Obama’s, “We are the ones we have waited for…” and, “We don’t hear the future, we shape it”?

Even now, President Barack Hussein Obama is still churning out winning, uplifting, and inspirational “We” slogans, drawing upon his glorious past, and snappy TV jingles, like this one, from July 27, 2016: “We don’t look to be ruled.”

And,  “…get in the arena [with Hillary] and carry her the same way you carried me….America isn’t about ‘yes we will.’ It’s about ‘yes we can!’”


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