DEATH THREATS to Canadian journalists for reporting on Muslim sex attacks on high schools girls

Elected Democrats don’t seem to care.

Reclaim Our Republic

Oct 9, 2016 by Pamela Geller 


There is a story unfolding in Canada that should be on the front page of every newspaper not just in Canada but in the West. But it’s not which is, in and of itself, a major story.

The Mississauga Gazette published an article, “Bonnie’s Muslims Are Molesting Teenage Girls in Mississauga High Schools” [scroll down].

This is not new. We have seen these attacks everywhere with large Muslim populations, like Mississauga. The UK is rife with thousands of Muslim child sex traffickig gangs and reports of mass sexual attacks across Europe in the wake of the Muslim invasion are rampant. As is the cover-ups. Canada is following the same suicidal path.

This website’s readers are long familiar with Mississauga, home of Aqsa Parvez who was honor murdered by her father and brother for her refusal to wear the hijab. Atlas readers contributed…

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