Middle School CEO Says Parents Have NO Right To Know About Co-Ed Locker Room

These things are of the mindset of the Democrat party. But why are there no elected democrats, especially mothers, who say nothing about this perversion? A vote for any democrat is a vote for our country to continue with this assault of modesty and decency. Have we discovered that BHO is “not” a good Christian man? HRC will be one to follow his policies.

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Sept 8,2016 by LAURIE HIGGINS

Tony Sanders, the chief executive officer of School District U-46 which serves 40,000 students in Cook, DuPage, and Kane Counties in Illinois, has declared that a middle school locker room is henceforth co-ed. He has declared from on high that a student who wishes to be the opposite sex may use whichever locker room his or her heart desires. Even more troubling, Sanders has further declared that no parents in the district may be apprised of the fact that their children may be sharing a locker room with an opposite-sex student.

If it weren’t for one courageous school board member, Jeanette Ward, who alerted the community to this presumptuous decision on the part of the administration, parents would still be unaware of the practice that took effect on September, 6, 2016.

Opposition to co-ed restrooms and locker rooms does not constitute hatred of those students…

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