VIDEO Trump and Pence Tour Louisiana Flood Damage – Hillary Sleeps -MB Obama Too Busy

The GIC (Golfer In Chief) was “too busy.”

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Trump and Pence Tour Louisiana Flood Damage

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trumparrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Friday morning to tour the flood damaged state where at least 13 have been killed and 30,000 have been forced to leave their homes.

Trump and Pence emerged from the Trump campaign airplane together Friday morning, but Pence arrived in the state shortly before Trump.

“Pence, along with his wife Karen and daughter Charlotte, received a briefing on the damage from Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, Lieutenant Gov. Billy Nungesser and Commissioner Eric Skrmetta,” ABC News reported.

Notably, Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, did not brief Pence.

On Thursday, Edwards warned Trump not to turn his visit to Louisiana into a “photo op.”

Neither Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton nor President Barack Obama intend to visit Louisiana over the weekend, as Breitbart News reported…

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