Benghazi, Barack, Hillary, Democrats

This post was composed while I was watching the news reports of the Muslim who drove his truck over many innocent men, women and children in Nice, France, killing them, including two Americans.

Four Americans were left to die in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. No military forces were sent to save them from their attackers, even though the battle lasted for thirteen hours. No one ever knows how long any attack will last. And, “you never just leave them to die!” Consider the lack of experience and knowledge of Hillary Clinton. Yet, she wants to lead our nation. If she could not protect the lives of those four Americans in Libya, how can we believe that she will be able to protect our nation from increasing Islamic attacks?

In the ABC interview about the thirteen hours of the Benghazi attack, the reporter uses such words as “extremists,” and “militants.” But, the liberal media, just like democrats in office, will not use the proper name of our enemy, “Islamists!” During World War I we fought the Germans. In World War II, we fought the Germans and Japanese. There was never an attempt by Democrat President Roosevelt to disguise the identity of our enemies. Still, today, neither Hillary Clinton nor any of the democrats in office, think that it is important for us to identify our enemy.

Consider the terrorism that is taking place in France and around the world. Who in their right mind can believe that Hillary Clinton can protect our country from similar attacks which can very easily take place in any state of our nation? Donald Trump and Republicans want to build a wall to keep terrorists from crossing over our southern borders of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. On the other hand, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their fellow liberal democrats want to “build a bridge!” A bridge? Really?… for terrorists to drive their trucks into our nation and run over people in the same way that a Muslim terrorist ran over innocent people in France today?” Hillary Clinton shows no evidence of having an effective plan, or experience, to combat terrorism or any other type of enemy, foreign or domestic. As one of the Republican presidential candidates said, “not all Muslims are Jihadists, but all Jihadists are Muslims.” Our President, former Secretary of State, and their liberal Democrat elected officials need to come to grips with that truth.

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