47 Other Bodies Left In The Wake Of Butcher Of Benghazi Hillary, Part 4

Revelation 20:15

Reclaim Our Republic

hillary laws

July 7, 2016 by Tami Jackson

Editor’s Note:I started this series in 2013, 47 Bodies in the Wake of Hillary Clinton, and the response has been overwhelming. The research was time-consuming. And after the first article, and each successive post in the series, I had emails from people and law enforcement in Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas write me, warning me to be careful. One sheriff was so worried about my safety he asked me to keep in touch on a regular basis. I just finished the next article in the series, but will post these original articles here at BarbWire before publishing the newest installment. Please note, I was asked by a number of people to break each original 10-page part into two for easier reading. Tami Jackson



…Accidents happen. Planes crash, people take their lives out of desperate grief and overwhelming hopelessness.

But the…

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4 thoughts on “47 Other Bodies Left In The Wake Of Butcher Of Benghazi Hillary, Part 4

  1. In your fictitious world…Pauline…I am not at war with you. But I happen to love my human race. You know for a fact…you have no lawful backing in this country…you have brainwashed ‘sheeple’…following the’ azz’ in front…never looking up to see the slaughter house ahead. There are no ‘poor’ Americans…they are all rich….but individuals would rather live under “their’ crumbs…
    You choose very few to live lavishly…I believe if not some… ALL are ALIENS…bald heads…that comes to a point… and others that dawn ‘hair’ and ‘oxygen’….is forced…is that why our trees are dying? She can laugh…she has the right…we are a bunch of mindless, programmed,, dumb down,…on and on… idiots…and I say idiot…because that is the only thing that will allow an entity to destroy it’s very being and aid in destroying ITSELF…
    Pauline Robin Bush…Bush daughter in reality….
    Cindy Kay Courier

    Rise Together…
    Natural Law…
    We Americans have nothing to do with corporate ‘America’ ‘election’.
    According to source…..

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    1. Hi Sherayx. You and I have been blog friends for quite a while I have enjoyed that relationship of dealing with reality. I must say, though, that I am totally in the dark when it comes to understanding your comment. It’s not about you, but about me. I have always trusted every comment that you have ever made to one of my posts, which is what I am doing this time. I am going to approve your comment so that it can be shown on my blog. But, please help me to understand the situation that you are addressing. I trust that you day will be good.


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