Jihadists target Lebanese Christian town in wave of suicide attacks

Revelation 20:15


Lebanon-Qaa map

al-Qaa (Qaa), a predominantly Christian village in north Lebanon, was violently attacked by a wave of 8 suicide bombings on June 27, 2016. Four suicide bombers struck in the village of Qaa early on Monday morning, causing the fatalities and wounding 15 people. That evening, as friends and family members of the victims gathered outside a church, two men on a motorcycle threw a grenade before blowing themselves up, wounding another 13.

Al monitor reported around 4am, four suicide bombers caught the attention of a local who had woke early to eat before fasting. Suspecting foul play, the resident took out a weapon and fired at one of them, who then blows himself up. Other neighbors and Lebanese soldiers ran to the site of the explosion, clashed with the other three suicide bombers, who detonated themselves subsequently at 10-minute intervals. A rescue worker carrying one of the wounded was killed during the second blast.

A security…

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