Al Di La – The Fourth Day Of Valentine

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Who is it that says that there are only “Three Days Of Valentine?”
Surely, Cupid’s arrow has its resting place in view. Please don’t
hold up “that warrior’s shield” that will block “the love of your life,”
from becoming the most important person in your life. Listen carefully
to the meaning of “Al Di La.”

This blog was inoperable during all of “The Days Of Valentine.”
My apologies.


2 thoughts on “Al Di La – The Fourth Day Of Valentine

  1. In 1962, when Rome Adventure came out, this became my favorite song of all time and Matt Monroe my favorite singer. (At least until the Eagles came to be. 🙂 ) This inspired me to live in Europe and my only regret was when I was eating at a similar restaurant in Rome and was too shy to ask the pianist to play this song. I am so grateful for your Valentine, one of the most romantic of all time. Thank you,

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    • Thanks for sharing “your heart.” For me, it was a very “heart-tugging” song that was the theme song for a very “heart-tugging movie,” which also remember. The movie and song reign in my soul as being “tops,” both of them. By the way, why should we celebrate only “Four Days Of Valentine?” … It’s always good having you drop by and share your touching thoughts. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you and all of your family.

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