Midnight Cry – Central Church of God Choir, Charlotte, NC

Monday morning is rolling in (early) on the eastern seaboard of the “good ole’ USA.” God has been good to me today/or was it yesterday? He gave me some amazing ideas. My post on the Marriage and Wrath of the Lamb is one that God gave to me in bits and pieces throughout the day; I am really blessed. This video is one of “those spiritual accidents;” one that I, “just sorta ran into. (It “is” midnight) I will have to say that it was a “good spiritual collision.” I have really been blessed by the song, the soloist, and the congregation. I trust that God will richly bless this body of believers, “red and yellow, and, black and white,” (please! somebody! tell Washington!) Well, you know the end of the “red and yellow – black and white” saying; it is very, very true. And, yes! Jesus loves us. And, yes! The Bible told me so… So, for those of you who are living in the four corners of God’s created world (there is no mother nature!), let me wish you a wonderful day, and a very blessed day in Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.


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