When a Choice Becomes a Death Sentence 

A vote for a democrat is a vote for continued murders of unborn babies. The democrat party platform states that party’s support for abortion on demand. It is easy to find this information that the democrat party has made public; “google it!” No democrat who is running for political office, or who is in political office, will speak out agains the murders of unborn babies. “Life comes from life,” Law of Biogenesis,” Dr. Louis Pasteur; google that too!

40YearWanderer ~ Heather Mertens

What else can be called right that is wrong?

I’m so sick and disgusted! FALSE? People are ACTUALLY claiming the PP videos are false? Then why did the Prrsident of PP step all over herself to explain why her doctors in those videos said what they said and make excuses for it all?

Besides, killing unborn babies is horribly evil!! Does it not surprise us that PP would then try to make more money from it?

We must pray that this end! And that God would forgive us all for letting it go on. And pray for anyone involved to seek forgiveness. I know because God has forgiven me for taking part in the demise of an unborn baby via taking a friend in high school to get an abortion her parents set up.

We must pray for abortion to end and for people to see the value of human…

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