Head over Tar Heels for Freedom

Not a Republican thing.

Reclaim Our Republic

bill of rights
13 June, 2015 Tony Perkins

Governor Pat McCrory hasn’t exactly been the most popular person in North Carolina after he took sides against religious liberty.

Last week, the governor stunned voters by vetoing a bill that would have shielded state officials from performing same-sex “weddings.” Taking a page out of Indiana’s book, McCrory capitulated to the voices of religious intolerance and rejected protections for people with strong religious beliefs.

Thankfully, the legislature refused to take no for an answer and overrode McCrory’s veto.

But if North Carolina was sending the governor a message, he didn’t get it. Despite all the outrage over his decision, the governor dug in his heels and proclaimed it a “disappointing day for the rule of law and the process of passing legislation in North Carolina.”

The same leader who complained that elected officials should follow the law is now upset that they did! In a…

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