In The Presence Of Jehovah

This week has been very stressful. The world is not letting up on its battle on unborn children, heterosexual marriage, and freedom. Let’s take a few minutes and listen to Chonda Pierce sing about being in the Presence of Jehovah. At other times, Chonda will talk about her childhood memories. They were times when almost everybody went to church. Sunday nights were fun; I can remember falling asleep on the church pews as a young boy. Revivals lasted more than just a few days; sometimes two weeks or more. There were special places in each church building where families would usually sit. Chonda uses the term, “second row, piano side,” frequently, as she describes the highs and lows of her family’s life in church. You may have memories of a special row or side of the church where your family used to sit. It may have also been, “second row, piano side,” or somewhere near it. But, wherever you may have sat, it was probably common knowledge to your family that you were,”In The Presence Of Jehovah,” along with your father and mother, and brothers and sisters. May our Lord Jesus richly bless all who read this story of a road that carried me back through memory lane. The sound quality is less than optimal, but the message is very clear. You may be able to view that video of Chonda telling about her childhood life; it should follow this lead video. By the way, you will hear Chonda saying, “my moma.” But let me say this: almost everybody that I know says, “my moma.” It’s very special.


3 thoughts on “In The Presence Of Jehovah

    • Thanks for the information. You are helping me to provide information to people who read my blog, many of whom would not have access to such information. Please keep up your good work. May God bless the USA, and people like you.


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