Police Brutality? Really?

Bill O’Reilly Responds To Baltimore MA Riots- “The Losers Are- The African American Community”

Consider the following link that shows a violent act against an innocent man. If Baltimore is going to stop crime, it must be honest in identifying those who commit crime, and not overlooking the criminals and blaming others. The family is the controlling factor. Men must stop being merely “sperm donors,” and must take responsibility for their part of the act that brings a child into the world. Unmarried women must stop having casual sex, with no regard for its consequence. Abortion is not the answer. By the way, Americans of African descent account for thirteen percent of the population of the USA, yet, thirty-seven percent of all American abortions kill unborn black babies. Is that not the real war on women, “unborn baby girls, who will never grow up to become women?”

Is this act of violence a result of police brutality? It’s amazing that liberals identify white cops, but conveniently omit “black” thugs. Baltimore! Your political leaders need to get serious with the facts about the level of crime that is plaguing your city!

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