The Weight Of The World

The earth belongs to God! Everything in all the world is his! He is the one who pushed the oceans back to let dry land appear. Who may climb the mountain of the Lord and enter where he lives? Who may stand before the Lord? Only those with pure hands and hearts, who do not practice dishonesty and lying. (Psalm 24:1-4).

Today is the Day of Preparation (John 19:14). The Sabbath Day begins in only a few hours (John 19:31). The week has had a few challenges, to say the least. The situation of violence, that exists in many of our larger cities; the killing of unborn babies, in cities of all sizes; the direction that our nation is taking to redefine marriage; the attacks of indifference on Israel; and other things that are the result of the fall (Genesis 3:14-19), have kept me busy trying to “help God with all of these problems.” (should I end that statement with “lol?”) Then, when I think that “I have it all together,” I receive the following prayer request:

—–Original Message—–
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Sent: Fri, May 8, 2015 3:50 pm
Subject: Prayer request for _____& ______ _____

Please pray for Mrs. _____ and Mr. ______ as Mrs. _____ is getting transferred to hospice.

The Mr and Mrs of this request are two of the finest people that I have ever known. They attend a church where they are greatly loved. They reside in a city where they are also greatly loved. But, you know? This thing has gotten the best of me! For one thing, “it’s not fair!” I mean, “why would God let this wonderful lady die?” There are plenty of other people, “that if they were to die – the world would be a much better place.” I know an EMS supervisor. We were talking about the people that he drives from a hospital to a Hospice facility. I asked him “what it’s like.” He said, “it’s not easy; you can’t say – hope you get better.” The people who drive those emergency services vehicles, with soon to be Hospice patients, are very special people; they are truly angels of mercy. I knew one man who loved his wife greatly. He was the one “who was being transferred to Hospice.” And, being “of the old school,” the man drove himself to Hospice, with his wife by his side. (That’s tough!) I’m rambling, but “I got my butt kicked today.” Usually, I will publish a post, and then I will email it to those in my local area who don’t follow my blog. But, there is a certain comradery that exists among bloggers. This rambling of words is meant only for those who are followers of my blog. There is something special about such a group of people (bloggers). Nobody has to please anybody else; nobody expects anything from anybody else, but to be respectful toward each other. I will close my thoughts with a verse of scripture that has been a great comfort to me in times like these:

“The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law.” (Deuteronomy 29:29).

The happening of today is truly one of those “secret things” of God.

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2 thoughts on “The Weight Of The World

  1. It must be hard to always be ‘the rock’ that others depend on during times of suffering and grief. Imagine how empty their lives would be without your support. You don’t always have to have the answers…

    We all need times of rest from our emotional burdens; I have found that when I think I cannot take any more, I am shown that I am much stronger than I realized.

    Jesus did not give up, nor will you! Rest your soul’s worry and just listen to and love those sheep that look up to you. /z

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