030415 – Michigan Wolverines!!!

Are there any Michigan football fans out there? What do you think about Jim Harbaugh’s chances of turning the Wolverines around this year? Check out the links.

Michigan Wolverines Fight Song

Can we not say that the triumphs of the Wolverines will be sung to the Lord?

Exodus 15:1 Living Bible (TLB)

15 Then Moses and the people of Israel sang this song to the Lord:

I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously;
He has thrown both horse and rider into the sea.


Jay Harbaugh is sticking with the family business — heck, sticking with the family. He’ll just be sitting in a different chair at the Thanksgiving table.
The University of Michigan announced Tuesday that Harbaugh has joined his dad Jim in Ann Arbor to serves as the Wolverines’ tight ends and assistant special teams coach.
“Jay gathered a wealth of experience the last three seasons coaching in the NFL and I am excited to have him join our coaching staff,” Jim Harbaugh said in a prepared statement. “His passion for teaching the game is at the highest level and he will be an asset to our team.”
And where did Jay Harbaugh spend those last three seasons in the NFL? Working as offensive quality control coach in Baltimore — under his uncle John Harbaugh.
“It is an amazing opportunity and privilege to coach football at one of the premier universities in the world,” Jay Harbaugh said in a prepared statement. “I’m ecstatic about being in Ann Arbor, and to be a part of building something special with the great people in our program.”
The Wolverines hired Jim Harbaugh as their new head coach late last month after four seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, where he led the club to three straight NFC Championship Games and lost to his brother’s Ravens 34-31 in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans in February 2013.


3 thoughts on “030415 – Michigan Wolverines!!!

  1. I am an Ohio State fan, I took some of my Master’s degree classes there, no I did not finish it. This is why I was unable to keep my teaching position. By 2008, you needed to have a Master’s in what you were teaching. When I had started in 1999 teaching Special Ed preschool, they didn’t require anything but a teaching degree. Funny, I still had my El Ed degree, so tried to ‘back pedal’ into this for the next 5 years, 360 job applications. Work at a warehouse, which wears me out, but I am alive and this makes me happy. My mentor in my special ed preschool coursework died at age 42, while I had only three course left. I gave my sick time to her when she got cancer, I did not want to use money when my ex-husband had lost his job. It is all a silly drama soap opera but over, now. Losing Jean, my good friend and mentor, really makes me realize how blessed I am to be here, with my three children and six grandchildren. My ex is gone, which is also okay.
    Last but not least, sorry you were put in the wordpress “Awaiting Approval” area, like another time and will try to keep my eyes on this since a few nice people were in there with you! Hugs, Robin

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    • Robin, thank you for sharing such tender and personal events of your life. I am learning more about you, which is a blessings. I am very sorry for the death of your friend, and for the way that your marriage ended. Sometimes. I wonder how we should respond to people when we find out that their marriages have also ended. I think that “I’m very sorrry” is a statement is that appropriate, but that is not expressed very much, and may not be received. To avoid the interruption of my posts, I send posts directly to some other bloggers that I have come to know more closely than most. I moderate all comments, so if you would like for me to email my posts to you, I can do that. If you send your email address to me in a comment, I will not post it. There may even be a way that you can find mine. If you moderate your comments, I send my email address to you, with a comment for you to not post


    • My reply to your comment “took off,” so I wasn’t able to finish it or check for mistakes. Let me say also that I use “teaser” posts to get unbelievers to check out my blog. I always include scriptures in all of my posts, so they can be read my many people who are “being teased.” I like Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and many other schools. Trolling is a good way of sharing the Word of God. Please have a blessed night.


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