022415 – Just Thinking, The Perfect Stranger

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The Perfect Stranger movie was released in April, 2005. I have seen it many times. Each viewing was as emotionally draining as was the first time that I saw the movie. There are tender scenes in the movie that never fail to draw tears; a tightening of my jaw and throat still happens. Two particular tender times of the movie deal with the discussions that Jesus has with Nikki about hell, and about the death of her father, at her age of thirteen. If you want to go back over a five-minute part of the movie, I want to recommend that you go to 59:30 in the time of the movie and watch it until one hour and five minutes. I’m not going to tell you anything more about that time of the movie, except that Jesus says to Nikki, “I’ve enjoyed our time together;” Nikki agreed. The following statement that I will make will probably be better understood by the ladies who follow my blog, than will the men. There were was a very important woman in my life at my age of eighteen. She was the mother of my best friend. He, two other boys, and I hung out all of the time. We ran track, lifted weights, camped, boated and water skied. We even double and quadruple dated together. God had his hands on us, and had placed the call of the ministry on each of us. I used to spend many weekend nights with my best friend. During those visits, his mother and I would talk throughout much of the night, into the early morning. She is now with the Lord, Jesus; I still miss her (tears are flowing now). I remember very vividly one late night discussion that I had with her. I told her that I could not understand how she knew so much about the Bible. She said something very telling of her person. She said, that what she knew was but a “drop in the bucket.” She then said that she didn’t know everything that was in the Bible, but she knew “what was not in it!” Helen then said that when she was coming to know Jesus as her savior that she read the gospels over and over until she fell in love with Jesus. That is a relationship that all of us should desire with our Lord. Larnelle Harris recorded a song in the 1980s, “I Miss My Time With You.” It was about the pain and emotion that Jesus feels when his people fail to spend time with Him. John 17:3 is very telling of the need for us to have a certain type of relationship with God. The words of that passage are, “And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” In the movie, Jesus speaks a number of times about the indwelling of His Spirit, The Spirit Of God The Father, and The Spirit Of The Holy Spirit, in the spirits of people in this world. The truth of John 17:3 is that it is a text book definition of eternal life, which is having an intimate relationship with God the Father through God the Son. To “know” someone is to have an intimate relationship with that person; it’s the same with our relationship with God. Consider Helen’s discussion about her falling in love with Jesus. That is a desire and outcome that all of God’s people should have within their being. Consider what it is like to not have intimate times together with God, or with members of our family, or maybe “no time at all.” We all know parents who are estranged from their adult children. It’s an agonizing and painful emptiness that never seems to go away. It’s the same in the relationship between God and His children. We can become too busy and too uncaring to spend time, quality or quantity, with God, and not have those personal and precious talks with our Lord. The grief that we feel due to the absence of a loved one in our life, may it be due to personal absence or death, is very real and very painful. Consider the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables. As time passes, and as loved ones leave us to be with the Lord, empty places begin to appear, very clearly and very painfully. .The grieving of the Spirit is true, and is painful also for our Lord (Ephesians 4:30). Let’s consider the words and pictures in the video that tell about such times of absence. May we say that we’ve enjoyed our time together with God, our family, and with our close friends too.

I Miss My Time With You
Larnelle Harris


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