010715 – It’s Okay To Enjoy The Lord – Kool And The Gang

Nehemiah 8:10 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

10 Nehemiah told the people, “Enjoy your good food and wine and share some with those who didn’t have anything to bring. Don’t be sad! This is a special day for the Lord, and he will make you happy and strong.

It’s okay to enjoy the Lord! Knowing Jesus as my Lord and Savior “is a gas!” It’s a party that never ends.

There was a time that I hosted a Christian radio show. The music that the engineer piped into my broadcast booth was really great, very worshipful. But, there were times when I wanted to break from tradition and, at the top of my lungs shout, “THIS IS W-J-E-S, WHERE JESUS ROCKS!!!” But, I never did. So, to never let that thought go by the wayside, I would like to “play the song” that was written and recorded by Kool And The Gang, “CELEBRATION!”

Celebration – Kool And The Gang


2 thoughts on “010715 – It’s Okay To Enjoy The Lord – Kool And The Gang

  1. I was sad on Thurs. at the death of a fine gospel singer, Andrae Crouch. He wrote many wonderful songs for the Lord… take care and yes, Kool and the Gang is a good group that I enjoyed back in the ‘day!’


    1. Thank you for your thoughts; I am in total agreement with you. It was sad for me to learn of the death of the lead singer of Kool And The Gang. I think that it happened in 2007. You probably have noticed that Kool And The Gang had songs that were uplifting, and free of vulgarity. I wish you well today.


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