121814 – Cars, Guitars And Jesus

Today, as I was watching a Mecum auto auction something unusual happened. A Gibson Les Paul guitar was auctioned for $105,000, with the proceeds going to Curing Kids Cancer. A man played the guitar just before the bidding began, and it really sounded great! The gift of the money for cancer cure is in line with Matthew 25:40, “… inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these, My brethren, you did it to me.” I have heard that Les Paul Gibson guitars are “top of the line,” but my limited knowledge of guitars leaves me clueless as to why any guitar would bring about such a high price at an auction. The cars that were being sold in the auction were of the vintage and muscle car eras, and were beautifully maintained. During the program, a thought came to my mind about “slant 6 engine.” I can remember a lot of people talking about that type of engine, but I have never really understood the reason for its popularity. I searched information on the slant 6 engine and have included its link in this post. By the way, the link shows some really good technical data and pictures. I have also included a link to a Mecum Auto Auction that took place at Harrisburg, PA. A lot of the classic cars are shown that are similar to the auction that I watched today. A 55 Chevy, two-door hardtop, manual transmission, canary yellow is my favorite. So, here is my challenge. Can somebody please tell me all that I need to know about Les Paul Gibson Guitars and Slant 6 Engines? I know much more about Matthew 25:40, but I would love to know somebody else’s ideas about that subject.

The Mopar slant six engines – Allpar
http://www.allpar.com/slant6.html – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight
The Slant Six: Story of the Most Durable Engine Around – used in all sorts of Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, and Valiant cars.

Mecum Auto Auction
Harrisburg, PA


5 thoughts on “121814 – Cars, Guitars And Jesus

  1. Even with my limited knowledge of guitars, I am familiar with “Gibson”. Musicians tell me it is all about the sound…some guitars have better sound quality. The car is a beauty! I guess value is all about supply and demand, as well as branding and age. Perhaps this is why God is priceless! Thanks for visiting and following my blog!

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