101314 Good Morning Vietnam

The innocence of the 50s and early 60s had come and gone. Our nation was at war in Southeast Asia, or better known as Vietnam. The movie, “Good Morning Vietnam,” shows how a group of radio disc jockeys tried to make things better for our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guardsmen who were spending a year of their life trying to hold back the communist forces of North Vietnam. Robin Williams plays such a dj. I was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War (they called it a conflict, but I think that someone couldn’t figure out that it was a real war!). My time was spent in Thailand and The Republic of The Philippines, in support of the war effort, so I was very blessed and thankful that I didn’t have to enter an area of combat. But, I can remember the great service that the djs of the Armed Forces Radio And Television Service did to strengthen the morale of our military and civilian folks who were assigned to areas of Southeast Asia. Armed Forces Vietnam Network, and other AFRTS organizations did a great job of bringing the music of “back home” to a land that was a third world country. In my Air Force barracks in the Philippines, we had a group of those wonderful djs living with us. They were members of the Army, Navy, and of course, the Air Force. I can remember a great Navy dj. I think that his name was Ray Lorio. I trust that life was good to him after he left the Philippines. I left in 1971, and I think that he was still there. So, please consider the value of the video. It was about a movie that was about a very unpopular war. Horrible things were happening, as the movie shows, and the song may seem to be out-of-place. But, such songs were very important to our troops who would be spat upon once they returned home, due to the war’s unpopularity. So, sit back for two minutes and thirty-nine seconds and view a video about a very telling movie that starred a great actor and comedian, Robin Williams. Following the video, you will find a link to a site that will tell you more about the hero djs of the Vietnam War.

What A Wonderful World
Good Morning Vietnam

AFVN – American Forces Vietnam Network Home Page – OoCities
http://www.oocities.org/afvn/ – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight
Hear AFVN Vietnam military radio again or watch military tv news again on your computer – authentic shows heard or seen years ago. See pictures of the GI’s …


25 thoughts on “101314 Good Morning Vietnam

  1. Thank you for your service. I’m a Viet Nam Era Army Veteran. I did see the movie, which reminded me so much of other radio djs. Great film. I was a dj in civilian life, therefore I can relate to these guys. Good read. Blessings.

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    • Thank you for your service to our country, too. The djs were very important to gi morale. You might want to check you tube for the real dj that Robin Williams portrayed; he was quite a guy. It is impossible for me to say enough things that would properly tell of their importance to me, and to other gis who were stationed in the Pacific Theatre. When I left home in January 1970, and did not return until April 1971, it was rough on me emotionally. To think that “you’re gone for a year” and then you have another fifteen months left, is hard on the mind. The dj’s really “cranked up” the music on the midnight shifts; that really helped. Robin Williams had pretty much the mindset of the djs that I knew; they were wonderful people. I am very thankful that he made the movie. If you ever come across any AFRTS djs, please relay my thanks and admiration to them. Many blessings to you, in the Name of our Lord Jesus.


  2. Equipping The Saints, thank you for stopping by to read and follow Hope for Today. I look forward to reading your blog. The Lord’s blessing upon you as you reach out to educate and enable a new generation and encourage those who already know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Amen!


  3. Thank you for joining me at Sending Joy. You are a wonderful and powerful writer. Please keep up the good work. It’s clear there are many who need to hear what you have to say. Peace to you always. Sharie


    • Thank you for sharing. When I wrote Good Morning Vietnam, it was about the disc jockeys of the Armed Forces Radio And Television Service. Primarily, they were radio disc jockeys who spent their time overseas playing music of “back home” for our troops who were assigned in the areas of Southeast Asia. Most of their listeners were people who had been drafted into the war. I appreciated the service that those djs did for me when I was twenty years old and away from home, “half-way around the world.” Please have a blessed day.

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  4. I see you are following my post.
    As your ideas are not like mine.
    It would be good if you could make a comment on what you read into what I write.
    I am totally opposed to war and violence.
    I find it difficult to sympathise with any misguided person supporting war or taking part in it.
    I have.found a lot of words in the bible that preach love and compasion.
    I did not see much love and compassion in the accounts of the Vietnam war.
    Chemical war fair, devastating vast areas of vegetation is an insult to creation.
    Please give let me know in your comments on my post your thoughts.


    • Thanks for your thoughts. The post of Good Morning Vietnam dealt with the members of the armed forces who were assigned to that part of the world. Very many of the troops, especially the younger ones, had no choice in their being stationed in Southeast Asia. My thoughts were made in support of the guys and gals who were there. Robin Williams was not one who supported the war, but he planed the role of a disc jockey who was sent to Vietnam to provide emotional support for the troops. From my experience in the Philippines and Thailand, the Armed Forces Radio network did a great service for those who were in that region. Approximately 50,000 Americans were killed in the war in Vietnam. There were two of my childhood friends who were among those who died there. I feel very fortunate that I was spared assignments in Vietnam. Please have a blessed day.


      • Thanks for replying, I realise many soldiers have sacrificed their lives in the belief they are doing a good and honourable thing.
        They do not realise that force always has a like reaction.
        War only brings sorrow for both sides and breads hate and revenge.
        We can be thankful we live in wonderful countries.
        But not that both our countries sent soldiers to fight in a war that was unpopular with the people.
        Jesus would be appalled by the violence.
        Looking forward to reading your comments on my posts.
        Kind regards jack.


      • Today was another blessed day and your reply added to it.
        I am always thankful when people take the trouble to communicate.
        Especially in reference to my posts, letting me know if I am spreading helpful words or nonsense.
        I have followers that respond with complementary comments.
        Perhaps the other followers are not commenting because they are too soft-hearted.
        So do not be too gentle to comment.
        Criticism is the way we learn our faults and if we listen carefully with an open mind we can learn our faults and correct them._/\_


    • I don’t know if I have sent a few replies to you without knowing it. I was typing, and all of a sudden all of my words to you were gone. Please allow me to start over. You blog is very interesting. Your reading of the book about the hockey player and his half-jewish lover took my eyes to that arena of emotions. My question relates to you and your family, as it relates to a Jewish connection in it. I have a deep and abiding love for “God’s chosen people.” Many Christians don’t seem to understand the importance that has given to the Jews, and I am very sorry. There are many church groups who are hostile to Israel and the Jews; I try to tell a different story to my flock. If you are able to talk to me about this question, I would love to know as much as you can share with me. I have a Messianic Jewess who is about your age. Some of her family members were part of the holocaust, and she struggles with that part of her heritage. My age is 66. If it is better to email our discussions, please let me know. In Christ,


    • I have to send my emails to some of my email contacts through their email address. Of course, that doesn’t show the video, but the message can be read. If you ever need for me to email something to you, please let me know. I will not display you email address. As usual, I really am appreciative of you kind words. Please have a blessed day.


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