CC 041414, Palm Sunday, The Triumphal Entry Of Jesus Into Jerusalem, His Journey To Passover And The Cross, John 12:12-19

The passion week/holy week begins with the events that are documented in these scriptures. Other Palm Sunday scriptures are written in Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; and Luke 19:28-44. The Ryrie Study Bible is being used to show the named days of the week. The credentials of Dr. Ryrie, Charles Ryrie, Charles C. Ryrie, Charles Caldwell Ryrie, can easily be found through an internet search. Various translations will be used to create a clear understanding of the days of our Savior’s following of God’s Providence for Him (Psalm 103:19). Today’s account of our Lord’s entry into Jerusalem follows my writing of CC 041314, “The Day Before Palm Sunday, John 12:1-12.”

John 12:12-19
New Century Version (NCV)

Jesus Enters Jerusalem

12 The next day a great crowd who had come to Jerusalem for the Passover Feast heard that Jesus was coming there. 13 So they took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Jesus, shouting,
“Praise God!
God bless the One who comes in the name of the Lord!
God bless the King of Israel!” Psalm 118:25–26
14 Jesus found a colt and sat on it. This was as the Scripture says,
15 “Don’t be afraid, people of Jerusalem!
Your king is coming,
sitting on the colt of a donkey.” Zechariah 9:9
16 The followers of Jesus did not understand this at first. But after Jesus was raised to glory, they remembered that this had been written about him and that they had done these things to him.
People Tell About Jesus
17 There had been many people with Jesus when he raised Lazarus from the dead and told him to come out of the tomb. Now they were telling others about what Jesus did. 18 Many people went out to meet Jesus, because they had heard about this miracle. 19 So the Pharisees said to each other, “You can see that nothing is going right for us. Look! The whole world is following him.”

Footnotes: 12:13 Praise Literally, “Hosanna,” a Hebrew word used at first in praying to God for help, but at this time it was probably a shout of joy used in praising God or his Messiah.


After the supper that Jesus had at the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, Jesus rode into Jerusalem, per prophecy. The crowd that was in town for the Jewish Feast Of Passover joyfully received Jesus. He had become widely known because of his raising of Lazarus from the dead. Consider how they greeted him. They waved palm branches and shouted words of prophecy, thanking God. The Pharisees knew that they were in danger of losing their influence over the Jewish people, and with the governing Roman officials.

Just a day prior to Sunday, Palm Sunday, at the Saturday evening meal with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, there was great joy because of the presence of Jesus. Mary anointed the feet of Jesus with perfume, and wiped His feet with her hair. The local Jews were excited because Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead. And, of course, the Chief Priests of the Jews felt insecure because of the acceptance that Jesus was gaining with the common Jew. So, they devised a plan – kill Jesus, and kill Lazarus too. That is – remove the obstacle, and remove the evidence.

Consider the fickle nature of people. Who would have thought that the people who, were falling in love with Jesus, would change their minds so quickly toward him? Their shouts of joy that had greeted Jesus, on this Palm Sunday, would change to a total reversal of acceptance of Him in just a few short days, where they would shout, “Crucify Him, Crucify Him.” (Matthew 27:22-23).

Consider why the Jews would not want a man of peace, such as Jesus, to be spared from death on the cross; but, would want to be released from the cross, Barabbas (Matthew 27:21), a known murderer. (It is important to identify these Jews as being “unbelieving Jews.” In a short span of time, many of these “unbelieving Jews,” would accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and become “believing Jews.”)

Consider the Providence of God (Psalm 103:19), and place it in the events of Passion Week. God’s sovereignty can not be escaped by any of God’s creation, whether it is person or thing. No part of mankind, whether it is body, soul, or spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23) is not under the control of the Providence of God. All things that were created by God, whether seen, felt, touched, or thought, are under His control. (Let your mind travel along this line of thought. It will help you to answer the question that I asked about why the Jews of Jerusalem would so suddenly, and violently, turn against Jesus.)

Now, let’s go to our Lord and Savior in praise to Him.

Baruch Haba, B’Shem Adonai

Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord

Psalm 118:26
Names of God Bible (NOG)

26 Blessed is the one who comes in the name of Yahweh.
We bless you from Yahweh’s house.


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